Thursday 7 October 2010

Special delivery

I've had another productive day, first thing, well after everyone had been fed and watered, I headed off into Morpeth to post some knitwear that has been specially ordered, someone will get a nice parcel in the morning courtesy of Geena.

I also needed some tiny black buttons for a hat I'd knitted, I knew exactly what I wanted so thought I'd struggle but the shop had just what I wanted - fantastic.

I was back in plenty of time to give Rory his lunchtime bottle which he took eventually. For some reason this morning he didn't want his breakfast, he met me at the fence this evening though to make sure he got his supper.

As the sun has been shining again and the boys resting field had dried out I gave it a good harrow to spread the mole hills and drag out the dead grass and moss. It now resembles a rally car track but it will come back better for it I'm sure. A pesky mole has been back already though!

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Denise said...

Do you want to learn how to get rid of them with traps?