Tuesday 12 October 2010

Spots and stripes

Knowing my alpacas inside out and back to front is something I pride myself on, it is an essential part of alpaca ownership getting to know your alpacas.

Today I noticed something new on Hughie. Hughie is a very special alpaca, not only is he our only gelding he is very friendly. Like his mum Duchess, Hughie has a spot, here they are together when Hughie was born over three years ago which clearly shows Duchess's spot.

Hughie's spot is not quite as big as his mums and it is behind his left ear. He has another tiny one on his foot but since he got bigger you would never see it unless you knew where to look. This was the only photo I could find where you could actually see the spot!
Anyway today I found another spot! Well I say spot it's more a small gathering of fawn fibres but I know it's new, it has definitely not been there before; how odd don't you think.
Now for the stripes bit of my title, I am busy knitting a pair of stripy gloves which include yarn from Hughie incidentally. Hopefully they will be finished in the next couple of days so I will share a photo with you before they go on sale.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

I have a grey mist....growing over Zakhura... !! When she was born..she didn't have a light hair..now after her first shearing..she is going grey !..her mother is grey so I think that this is where the grey is coming from, she comes from a long list of greys.....Im looking forward to her first cria next year....with Zanubis !...fingers crossed for a Grey !!..girl !!.......x....Jayne

Rosemary said...

I find colour in alpacas very strange! - and I am convinced Little Star is a different colour now to the colour she was when she was born!