Tuesday 19 October 2010

More stash and a blue job

Thank you very much for all your kind comments about my flip top mittens, I can't believe how many comments they generated. So I've started another pair today in slightly different colour ways. Then I'll maybe move on to a hat Jayne! Finishing all the ends off takes ages though so it may take me a while.

Whilst on the subject of knitting Carol and Dave popped round this morning, Dave wanted some manure for his veggie plot but he had also ran out of carding so wanted some more fleece. I sent him home with some Hughie and his half sister Mallika. I hope to do a barber pole yarn with this mix.

Carol came with a bag of knitted goodies, three hats and three pairs of mittens. The speed she knits at never ceases to amaze me. Once they are washed I will take a photo of her weeks work - trust me you'll be amazed too.

I'm pleased to say that Rory is once again happy to take his bottle, he'd been refusing it since we moved them on to the fresh grass. The novelty of lush grass has obviously worn off, either that or the cold has prompted him to want nice warm milk.

I'm hoping to weigh him and a couple of the other tomorrow, I was going to do it this evening but we had a rain shower and I like to do them when they are dry.

There was another blue job on the list today, I'd got a flat tyre so it needed changing. I can't believe how many punctures we've had in this car, I wouldn't mind but they always happen when I have to change the flipping tyre.

We've not long had a full set of new tyres so they've been put on with one of the noisy gun things (I'm sure someone will tell me what they are called), anyway even with my muscles I could undo all the nuts; even after jumping on the bar! Thankfully Colin one of my neighbours came to the rescue.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

What are you doing down there..I wonder if Paul has put a drawing pin under the wheel..just to test you !...a little more....I think a windy gun...is the name your..looking for !....that's what my dad..called it anyway !!..Im not being rude !!...promise.....Jayne x

Denise said...

A "windy gun" is correct. Hubby's a mechanic and that's what he calls it. It's offical name is "an air impact wrench". So now you know.