Friday 15 October 2010

An up hill struggle

It's been another busy day, I got to use another of the boys toys today seeing as Paul's out of action.

Anyone who knows us or has visited Barnacre will know that the sit on jobs like cutting the grass and harrowing are Paul's jobs, whilst the manual jobs like poo picking, stacking hay and scrubbing out the trailer are my domain.

Well today I had a sit on job on the list, some of the grass needed cutting. After we'd managed to fix the lawn mower that was. The John Deer had somehow managed to get a flat battery but thankfully Dave came to the rescue with a battery charger.

Whilst I was cutting the back lawn the mower cut out and I couldn't get the thing working again, in the end I decided I'd have to push it back to the garage. Part of our back lawn is on a slight incline and yes you guessed it the mower was at the bottom and needed pushing up hill.

I managed to get it back to the garage and came in to ask Paul's assistance to reattach the battery charger (I didn't dare do that in case it blew up or something!). I tried to start it up so Paul could hear the noise it was making and can you believe it the bl**dy thing started - I was not happy seeing as I'd had to push it all the way back to the garage.

Before it decided to die on me again I got all the required grass cut and cleaned the machine and put it away again. It's a good job I did get it finished because tonight it is raining.

This evening I have finished spinning the last of Mary's fleece, I am looking forward to doing a different colour as I've seen enough black to last me a while. No doubt Carol has almost used up all the black I took earlier in the week!


Rosemary said...

Pushing things uphill and miraculous sudden starts of things I thought were broken are common occurances here
I hope Paul mends quickly - it sounds like you have a huge amount on your plate - and time to spin as well!
Another superwoman!

Anonymous said...

No, you're wrong Debbie, still got black left as started knitting in brown yesterday. Don't know how you get time to spin as well as everything else that's going on at your end....I'm sure you don't sleep, ever!!!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Debbie you will have muscles....the size of....Mr this rate..come on Paul...Barnacre needs you !!..speedy recovery....its raining here too...the alpacas are all tucked up in bed...with Norris !!....He he...Jayne