Saturday 24 March 2012

Fresh grass, full day

It has been another full on day here at Barnacre, luckily for me I'm getting better (it's a good job really because no allowances are made for illness round here!).

It was the day of the big move for the girls, they were moving to the newly fenced field nearer the house were there is grass to eat in readiness for birthing.  Thankfully all went relatively smoothly, containment in the hay field, loading into the trailer (no pathway yet or bridge over the burn for the alpacas) and running into the new field.

As they say pictures paint a thousand words
With the first trailer load on their way the other girls wondering where they were going.  Ursula soon spotted them up in the yard!

The next step is a little movie clip, which is taking too long to upload on blogger but here's the youtube link

A roll on the way to the new field!

Lualeni straight down to business.

Checking out the boundaries.

With the girls settled we had all their belongings to move, feed and water troughs, hay hecks, hay and all the hurdles to bring back.

By the time we had done that and managed to get a round of injections done and a couple of pedicures, it was getting dark.  A couple of the girls could do with one toes trimming but it's the first ones to birth so I thought I'd leave them now as they don't have that long left before babies arrive and their nails weren't too bad.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Great to see the alpacas enjoying their new field...its very satisfying to see them settled after all your hard work !....glad you are on the mend !......Jayne

Unknown said...

Glad you feeling better...sounds like concessions for illness were not on the agenda!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Liked the 'Charge of the Light Brigade!'