Saturday 3 March 2012

Somewhere over the rainbow

Good guess on last nights photo Jayne, but not right, and Dave that was brilliant I love it, you've obviously got to know Paul well over the blog!

Today has been a busy day, Sarah, Faith and I did the morning feed rounds whilst my brother and Paul got ready for a day of fencing.

Dave (carding Dave) also came up to give us a hand so whilst Sarah was on tea and sausage roll duties (Paul and Colin need feeding on a regular basis!) we set about fencing off the girls next paddock.

At one point it went very black and the heavens opened, it was all right for Paul he was tucked up inside his nice warm tractor, so we all joined him!  Then the brightest rainbow I've even seen appeared, Colin got a cracking photo. It started and finished in our fields but when we suggested Faith dig for a pot of gold she said 'that's only in stories'.

Whilst I was cooking tea Faith went to feed with Uncle Paul on their own (!!), here's the photographic evidence - something else to dirty Paul's hands Apple Vale Dave.


janet said...

Wow what a shock to see Paul taking Faith on his own and holding her hand.I would have never believed it if you had not got evidence.Lovely picture of the rainbow.

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Maybe a fluke of the camera, but it looks like the rainbow made a direct hit on the roof of the tractor! best check for that gold in the morning.

Judi B said...

What a super shot of that rainbow..we were fencing too yesterday but were a little luckier as the sun shone for most of the day's wet today so great that the fencing is almost done!

Rosemary said...

Great rainbow photo - Is the tractor really that clean or is it just the rainbow making it shine?!