Monday 11 October 2010

It's behind you

Little Miss Irraquoy spotted something at lunchtime but what it was I have no idea. I was out in the field when she screeched the alarm call and ran from behind me with some of the youngsters that were in her general vicinity.

LMI isn't usually the one who sounds the alarm but she had obviously seen something that nobody else had. They grouped together in the middle of the field and stared into the woods. I went to have a look and she was obviously worried for my safety as she screeched again and I headed off.

I couldn't see or hear anything strange so I don't know what it was, but they soon forgot about it when they saw me with a bucket of sugarbeet!

This afternoon I headed over to Carol and Dave's to drop off some more black yarn I'd spun and pick up more carding and knitting.

Dave is now a AAA, Apprentice Alpaca Assistance, Paul is going to be out of action for a little while following surgery last week so Dave kindly offered and helped me with some husbandry work in Friday. He was a great help, and thankfully didn't go home too green, despite Carol expecting otherwise. He obviously wasn't put off by anything either because he offered his assistance again today if I need any help with anything.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Sorry to hear of Pauls surgery !! hope that he recovers soon ....nice to hear that you have a qualified AAA !! ...for those extra chores.......Jayne

Hilary Cross said...

Hope Paul is better soon - and your AAA didnt get spat on too much!!