Sunday 24 January 2010

A big day for Sandstorm

It has been a big day for little Sandstorm today, he has been weaned from his mum Little Miss Irraquoy.

I was expecting it to be a very messy affair as LMI is very protective and when pregnant she can be very spitty as Les and Rob from Wellground can vouch (we bought her from them).

How wrong can you be, she never so much as threatened to spit or complain. Although I very tactfully waited until she was tucking into her fresh hay before I removed him. He was a very good boy and after one little hum he happily introduced himself to old friends.

The weanlings got to go on fresh pasture too, we had been purposely waiting until we weaned Sandstorm so they all got to enjoy the new grass. It certainly went down well and they have had heads down munching all day. Sandstorm was enjoying it so much he didn't seem to miss mum either. At tea time he had a little hum, as he usually washes his tea down with some milk, however he was soon back to the grass with the others.

With the weanlings moving from one field to another we had to clean their old one and harrow it ready for the spring when it will hopefully flourish. Whilst Paul had the harrow out he did the girls previous field, it was far too wet to do when we moved them off over a month ago then it snowed - need I say more!

Whilst Paul was driving round on the quad I was on manual labour duties as usual; the jobs always seem to be allocated that was at our house. The boys field was tended to as was the girls shelter and I managed to move the dropped hay that had built up during the bad weather. I now need a nice soak in the bath.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Hope all goes well with sounds like he has accepted things...sometimes I think we take it harder than the animals, feeling guilty !...mind you they adapt very well...better than us, I think....Jayne

Rob @ Wellground said...

Go Sandstorm. You're a man now ;o))

It sounds like he has settled really quickly.