Sunday 3 January 2010

Broken record

This is beginning to sound like a broken record but yet again this morning we woke to more snow. Only another inch so not too bad but bad enough when we have so much already.

I am sure the poor animals are as sick of it as I am. It is over two weeks since they had grass to eat.

Alan stopped by this morning to wish us a Happy New Year and make sure everyone was ok. He too was complaining at the amount of time everything takes to do in the snow and the amount of hay his sheep are getting through at the minute.

At this rate there will be no hay left for the annual Hay Show in February. We always go to the hay show and top up on supplies!!

Kealani has finally begun to eat hard feed, well sugar beet; but at least it's a start. Her mum Oonagh was also very slow at eating hard feed when she was born, in fact Oonagh didn't eat hard feed until well after she was weaned.

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