Thursday 21 January 2010

Not one, not two, but 6..............

And no I'm not talking about tea bags! I'm out of them until I go shopping tomorrow, it's a good job I like hot water.

Whilst I was filling the hay supplies this morning Oonagh, her daughter Kealani and Angelus (one of the girls we have for sale), had their eye on something in the woods behind their field. I stood for ages trying to see what they were watching, then I saw a tell tale white bum, it was a deer. Alpacas never miss a thing.

In fact there were two of them, when the smaller of the two came along the fence line Oonagh let out the alarm call and everyone (except Willow, read about her usual actions in these situations on her herd profile) shot up and went over to form a united front. The high pitch screech from Oonagh was enough to send both deer running.

When I had finished my morning routine I was about to leave the fields and I saw the boys watching something. It was only another four deer on the other side of the river. I'm not sure if it was the same group or not. I think the river is too high and following too fast for them to have crossed so quick but you never know.

As it brightened up this afternoon I decided that I would take the opportunity to way some of the youngsters. It has been a while since I'd been able to do it because of the weather so I was keen to get on with it whilst I could.

The four that I managed to pick up had put on 2kg since they were last weighed which was great news. With such bad weather you never quite know. I wasn't able to weigh Duke, he wouldn't stay still for me and after ripping my overalls I decided to leave him for Paul. Thankfully I was wearing mums overalls as mine were in the wash!!!

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janet said...

You were lucky to see all those deer in one morning werent you. Now you have ripped my overalls what am i going to wear when i come up next time as i wont get in yours. xxx