Thursday 14 January 2010

A bit premature

I think yesterdays thoughts of moving the herd once the snow has gone was slightly premature. We woke to more snow this morning, thankfully not too much but it has been trying to snow on and off all day so no thawing today.

I had a visit from the plumber this morning and our heating is finally fixed, hooray. No more guttering and buckets to catch the leaking water and hopefully a bit less oil consumption.

This visit meant that the girls had to have their hay replenished in two shifts this morning. The plumber was coming at nine so I had to be back in the house having feed everyone, sheep and birds included.

I gave everyone their hay but instead of the usual two 10 foot mangers and three hay nets the girls had to manage with one manger until the plumber had been. The look on their faces when they saw me walking off having only done half a job was so funny. You could tell they were thinking 'where's she going she's not finished yet!'.

I did go back and fill everything as soon as the plumber had gone for which they were all very grateful.

Oonagh has decided today that she likes carrot, only if it is diced up nicely into little cubes though. Up until today she had always turned her nose up at it. As she still has her cria at foot, Kealani, who is only 4 months old everything she eats helps to keep her condition.

In a bizarre coincidence Loki also decided he liked carrot today to. Usually Guinea is the only boy interested in orange things!

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Nice to hear that you have your heating doubt we'll have a heat wave you have any photos of would be nice to see how she is doing as she is about the same age as my crias...if the weather improves I hopefully will get a change to turn my lot out...I think that they'll go mad and have a good run round .......Jayne