Sunday 31 January 2010

New homes

It has been a very busy day today as the main herd and the boys have moved onto fresh pasture. First job of the morning, well after the usual feeding routine was to cut the boys toe nails.

Legend's nails seem to grow at an astonishing rate a bit like his fleece. His nails were only cut two months ago and were still ready for a good cut. He was very well behaved too, he doesn't like having his nails cut!

Whilst we had all the boys together and shut in a confined space we did a bit of rummaging. Gianmarco's Masterpiece fleece looks absolutely fabulous. His stats have always been very impressive (3rd fleece 17.9 micron with only 0.5% over 30) but we were still jolly excited with what we saw. His first cria is due early May, although with the recent weather no doubt Alice will hang on a while.

The boys are now in one of the fields behind the house, Golden Guinea soon remembered that this is where the girls usually are and where matings take place and got very excited, he had a real bounce in his step.

The girls moved onto fresh grass too, typically Ursula was first through the gate but for once Willow was not last, it was Veruschka. The quality is not good but I managed to catch it on video, here it is.

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