Tuesday 5 January 2010

That's my boy

It has been another day of shifting hay and water through far too much snow, and just to make things even more trying I am now full of cold! Great; it's very rare I get a cold so it is even more annoying that I feel lousy when I need to spend so long out in the fields.

Never mind the animals need me so I will just get on with it.

I am pleased to confirm that our brown stud, Golden Guinea now has his first progeny registered with the BAS, a solid mid fawn male. Those long standing followers will recall that because of the Blue Tongue movement restrictions we were unable to bring Mr Guinea up to Northumberand for some time, so David Barnett of Purston used him to covered one of his girls.

We have got to wait until the spring to see his progeny from our own herd. In fact it will be a client who will have the first Golden Guinea cria up here.