Saturday 2 January 2010

Roll on spring

We have had more snow on and off all day today, it must be starting to thaw slightly though as there have been a number of avalanches from our roof!

Following on from yesterday's blog, thanks for all your comments. How on earth you manage with -30 is beyond me Rolf.

We are getting through hay like there is no tomorrow but we can't let the herd go hungry so I'm filling up hay mangers and nets as quick as they empty them. Thankfully my farmer friend Alan delivered another big round bale today, I am getting through the small ones so fast this was a very welcome arrival.

Paul has been in at work today and managed to get there which was good or bad depending on how you look at it. Without the 4x4 it wouldn't have been possible though.

Whilst he was at work I was out with the camera. Here is Loki enjoying a little treat from my mum, who hasn't managed to get home yet because of the weather.


Knapper Alpakka said...

We're not the coldest alpaca farm in the world :-)

Isn't it always a relief when the hay is in the house? I always feel good when we have got a new batch of hay.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

We have had more snow overnight...The older girls appear to be feeling the cold, regularly shivering !! theres plenty of food on offer here too !!...just to keep them warm, the girls have only wanted to be out for a couple of hours then, there all standing at the gate wanting in !!....Jayne