Friday 22 January 2010

Mud, mud and more mud

We had torrential rain all night again, so this on top of the snow melt has left the fields in a muddy mess. The girls field in particular is very muddy, they all hang round in the same places so all those feet .... yuk!

I was hoping that the field behind the house would have been snow free so I could move the boys up and then the girls could move to a drier field, but the snow is still covering about 70% of the boys new field so that will have to wait a little longer.

For my sins I am organising this years BAS Border Union Show, well the alpaca section! So I have been sorting out the judge today. With all that is going on with TB I don't know what will happen with the show, but at this moment in time I am assuming that all will go ahead as normal - time will tell.

Paul has just returned from the Rugby and is banging about so I'd better go and make sure the kitchen is still in one piece.

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Anonymous said...

Don't know how you fit everything in, must get extra energy from all those teabags! I need to try it. Carol