Monday 4 January 2010

A cold start

It was a really cold start this morning. It was -9 at 8am and all the water troughs were well and truly frozen. Thankfully the alpacas don't mind the cold crisp weather so there were no shivers or complaints this morning.

My parents had decided that they were going to try and get home today, as we are forecast more snow tomorrow. They have been here a couple of weeks now which was longer than they planned but as the weather was so bad there was no way mums car was going to go anywhere.

After the feed run and the hay filling duties mum loaded her car. She had to go a different way home to avoid the longer drive on our tiny country lanes but once she made it to Morpeth she was fine.

Oonagh is definitely missing mum as she had been getting special one on one service. Regular reader will recall that Oonagh doesn't eat from the troughs and will only eat from your hand providing no-one else is pushing her.

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