Saturday 23 January 2010

Feeling lucky

We had a busy morning this morning getting all the jobs done so we could head off down to Wetherby for the BAS TB Roadshow. As usual I had the knitting needles out whilst Paul was driving!

It was a very good meeting, which was very well attended. It was extremely informative and I would urge everyone to attend one of the future events if you haven't already done so.

We feel very lucky not to be in a hot spot area, this disease has had some very severe and upsetting effects on a number of people and herds down south.

Paul & I had been waiting until we had seen the presentation before we decided on our stud service offerings for the year and if indeed we will do any outside matings. We will ponder for a little while weigh up all the facts and decide what to do; I am sure I know what the boys will want.

Changing the subject, the fields had dried out a little this morning which was nice to see. Hopefully if we get a couple of dry days we will be able to move one of our mobile field shelters with the help of Alan (farmer friend) and Ju (his son); tractor required as the car can't move it!



What is this BAS TB? I'm presuming it is a contagious disease you have to be concerned about.

Rob @ Wellground said...

Glad you found rhe TB Awareness Meeting useful too. Lots of valuable information there.