Saturday 30 January 2010

Not more

Yes, snow! We woke to a sprinkling again this morning. Thankfully not much but it was absolutely freezing and everything was frozen. No chance of cleaning fields today not only were things covered in snow once you uncovered them they were frozen solid to the ground!

Despite the freezing temperatures it has been lovely and sunny. So out came the camera for some shots of the new knitwear. I hate our husband our wife photo shoots, Paul is always complaining about the faces I pull, the direction I'm looking or that I have my eyes close - well he always insists I look at the sun what do you expect.

Anyway here is one of the better ones which will be in the shop as soon as he gets round to doing whatever he does to the pictures to make them the right size. As you can see by this time the snow had just about gone but the ground was still frozen.
This afternoon we have begun halter training with the weanlings. It is something I'd been wanting to get on with for a while but with all the snow and ice it was far too dangerous and slippy.

First it was just putting on the head collars and everyone was remarkably calm about this, usually one tries to rub it push it off. Next came attaching the lead rope, this is when the fun started.

Most were ok once they got used to it, however, Midnight Star went absolutely berserk. I expected her to be difficult (her mum is Kate our grey girl who has a very large chip on her shoulder), but this was way worse than we imagined. She was so stressed when we finally managed to hold her still we had to let her off the rope to calm down.

Tenzing and Sandstorm were very impressive and as you can see Heidi just took it in her stride. I had a second attempt with the lead rope and Star which was slightly better, until that was Paul walked near her; she obviously didn't like him, it was Paul who tried with her the first time. I will persevere with her on my own initially I think.

I have mentioned on the blog before about Dukes obsession with Star, quite what he is going to do when the boys and girls are separated I don't know. Whilst I was working with Palm-Olive on the halter Paul managed to catch a bit of footage of Duke and Star, check it out on our movie page. Just for the record I didn't know he was filming.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

You would think that Duke was velcroed to Star !...thats really strange how he keeps following her bizzare....I like the new hat !........Jayne

janet said...

I think they looked as if they were being very good with the halter training. Poor Duke what on earth will he do when he is split up from his best friend Star.He is so cute. xx