Friday 1 January 2010

Snow, snow and more snow

This morning we woke to the heaviest snow fall I think I have ever seen. It looks like it will be ages before the poor animals see grass again.
This photo doesn't show the full extent of the snowfall, we have over a foot and it has been falling on and off all day. Our camera isn't the best but I thought I'd share a few photos never the less.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

You have more than us now ! least you weren't stuck at the airport for 12 hours !!.......unlike some...Jayne

Rosemary said...

It must be hard work with all that snow but from our 'snowless area' it looks great fun!

Rob @ Wellground said...

Are you quite sure you have enough snow up there ? We were watching the news reports earlier and thinking of you. Nasty!

Hope it gets back to normal soon. It looks lovely, but with livestock it's a real pain in the butt isn't it.

Rob n Les

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Happy New Year! More snow on the way for you according to tonights forecast - hope you don't have big plans for the next day or so, snow puts everything on hold doesn't it? All the best for 2010,Dave.

Knapper Alpakka said...

Looks beautiful to me :-)
Makes things silent and warmer. The worst winters are those without snow. They are always colder.
We have about 50cm here now, and it's snowing. A good thing about that is that it's always warmer when it snows, so we're up from -30C when the sky was clear to -10C.

Lucy said...

Yes, it is a pain isn't it! Your light pacas look just like ours just now, dark! Eventually it will surely melt. We have about 50-75cm in the garden and paca field. I am going to measure it exactly but it is not possible to wade through will wellies on without getting it inside.

Sid and Pat said...

It all looks so lovely in the pictures but it must make it very hard to cope with. Only consolation is that it makes it a bit warmer as 'Knapper Alpacas' say. Glad its not as cold as there though.
Happy New Year