Saturday 9 January 2010

I don't believe it

I couldn't believe it when we woke to another 3 or so inches of snow this morning. This is no laughing matter anymore, supplies are getting low, everything is suffering from the weight of the snow let alone the icicles and I am worn out from hauling water whilst being full of cold!

Yesterday morning even the tap inside the garage was frozen. Our garage is insulated to the standard of a modern house as it was only built three years ago and has living accommodation above. The cavity wall insulation and the heating couldn't even save the pipes.

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day despite hitting minus 15 so I headed out with the camera. It hasn't been fit today as we've had snow on and off all day.

Here we have Princess Mallika with Willow behind her just making sure nothing else was going to appear in their trough.

Check this out, one of our bird tables, and this was taken before last nights snow. Don't worry all the other feeding stations are being filled and I'm giving our feathered visitors water too.

This morning we had a helping hand from some neighbours Chris and Denise. Hughie loves Chris so he was very excited; Hughie that is not Chris! Thanks guys if you are reading this, and sorry for Hughie's appalling behaviour Denise.

After feeding everyone we headed off with Chris and Denise whose car is going nowhere in this weather to pick up vital supplies. Oil for them and animal feed for us. We are getting through sugar beet at a rapid rate!


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Has Debbie been replaced by Victor Meldrue !.....looks like there's no end in sight to the arctic weather !!...its only minus 6.5c here tonight....ring on the spring.....Jayne

Unknown said...

Try to keep smiling Debbie....I heard the weather is to's going to be only minus 2c up north next week!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

It wasn't just me who heard Victor Meldrew echoing then! I heard someone describe the snow as being like a relative who comes for Christmas: lovely to see it, but you've had enough after two days!

janet said...

Hello Debbie,There has to be an end to the snow soon. Wish i was there to help you.Just think how pleased your lovely alpacas are to see you each time you go down to them. They really appreciate you xxx


This is unusual weather for your part of the world, is it not? We had all that last year, and this year we just have rain.
Mystery solved, I've been away for awhile from your blog. Now I know who Hughie Barnacres is!!!

Knapper Alpakka said...

At least snow looks good :-)
Hauling water here as well, and we have heat cables in every bucket.

Sid and Pat said...

Hopefully the worst is now over - you have suffered for too long.