Saturday 16 January 2010

Pronking Scotch Eggs

Torrential rain kept me awake half the night so I knew the fields would be a mess this morning; melting snow and heavy rain was never going to be pretty was it.

I was surprised to see how much snow was still left, but oh boy was there some water. The weanlings had a torrent of water running through the middle of their field, it looked like a new branch of the river Wansbeck. It was actually crossing the rigs and furrows in the field so running that fast it was going up hill in places.

The boys field is about 90% snow free whereas the girls still has about 75% snow coverage. Mary was getting very excited by the grass that she could see though and was cramming as much in as fast as she could in case it vanished again. Well it is four weeks since they have seen it.

By this evening the water had dried up some and hopefully if the weathermen are correct it will do so even more tomorrow.

Kealani was quite clearly excited by the grass and has been charging round this evening pronking with the big girls, Sienna, Mallika and Auntie Lualani. She was getting a bit carried away with Sienna and they were neck wrestling pushing each other which Oonagh clearly thought was far to rough as she spat a warning at Sienna to leave Kealani alone.

I wouldn't mind but it was Kealani causing the trouble. After she had got Sienna into trouble she moved on the jumping on Mallika.

To celebrate the recommencement of egg laying by our chickens I made some home made Scotch eggs for tea, very nice they were too, even if I do say so myself.

Finally the lottery ticket idea didn't work, I only got one number.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Never mind....Im hanging on to the moral that things happen for a reason....the right place will turn up for you Debbie, honestly...its just a matter of time....(maybe I should talk to myself more often) !!...glad that you can see grass....hoping for the big turn out...tomorrow.....Jayne

Unknown said...

I'm not checking mine until tomorrow so I have decided to celebrate my big win tonight with a Baileys. I'll come down to earth with a big bump tomorrow.