Tuesday 19 January 2010

Frost and freezing fog

After yesterdays positively glorious day today has been very miserable. We woke to a very keen frost with lots of the alpacas having turned white! Whilst I was replenishing all the hay supplies freezing fog rolled in and that is where it stayed until just before dusk.

Sorry Jayne the photos of Kealani and Sandstorm will have to wait until I can see past the end of the camera lens.

The hens egg production has increased further, I got two eggs. This is a sure sign that the daylight hours are increasing. It was after 5pm again this evening before it was dark. I love it when Paul can come home in daylight hours and see the herd, it is a great stress buster for him.

Despite BT saying that my telephone would be fixed by then end of the day today it is still out of order. I feel so cut off without it, mobile signal is so poor here you can't have a conversation on your mobile without getting cut off on several occasions.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

We have had a bit of freezing fog..today also...alpacas in the mist...Im looking forward to the lighter nights.....Jayne

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Don't worry, spring is on the way - apart from the bulbs, I saw new lambs gambolling in fields near us yesterday, and our dozen hens have stepped up production slightly - interestingly, our lone duck with a limp (Mr. Fox couldn't manage her as well as the other two...) hasn't missed a day all winter - what a star. Perhaps putting her bath in the polytunnel to prevent freezing made the difference!