Tuesday 21 September 2010

Animal and human taxis

In between all my nursing duties and providing a taxi service for Paul (who is still immobile), he needed taking to the doctors, I have finally managed to give the trailer a complete clean and disinfect following the trip to Whalton show at the weekend.

I also give the little sheep taxi a clean too as that had also been used. I wish I could be so thorough at cleaning the house!

As Paul is out of action the littlies haven't been weighed for a little while, so this afternoon I went out with the sling and scales. It's not the easiest job in the world to do on your own when no one wants to stay still.

Minimus is still gaining nicely and was 13.91kg which is pleasing. He is a chunky little fellow now, hopefully he will gain some height soon too. Rory, my top up bottle fed cria is also gaining weight, not quite as quickly as his mates but he is 15.7kg so nothing to worry about there.

I have almost finished the latest scarf, you'd laugh I was sat outside the doctors knitting in the car waiting for Paul and when I looked to my left there were two old ladies doing exactly the same thing.

I'd been taking to mickey out of Paul when we arrived at the doctors as there were two old men shuffling in and I said he looked like one of them so I was glad that by the time he finally came out of the doctors they'd both gone or he would have been saying I looked like one of them.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Do you have secret knitters at the Drs !!....as well !!....hope Paul is soon better and glad he didn;t see the ladies..in the carpark...! you'd never live that down !!.....Jayne