Saturday 18 September 2010

We are the Champions!!!

Today has been manic, it was the Whalton Show so it was up and at it early for me again.

Typically Rory wouldn't have his bottle this morning; why do they do that? We were going to be out until tea time so we was missing his lunchtime top up and he wouldn't have his breakfast, he always has his breakfast - well not today! He was very pleased to see me this evening and guzzled his bottle without stopping.

We were taking along some of the boys to Whalton, as nice mix of colours and sizes, which went down well. Thankfully I had a few helpers, Denise who stewarded for me at Kelso and Carol and Dave (Happy Birthday Dave!) who knit, card and button make for me, not to mention relieve us of lots of manure.

I spent a lot of time dealing with the sheep race so without the help we would never have managed, so thank you again folks.

The sheep race really drew in the crowd, there were four heats of four sheep then the grand final. First out for Barnacre Baaaarmy Bolters was, Chop Chop Bruiser! He went storming off round he course and over the hurdles and won, I was so excited I'm surprised you didn't hear me cheering down at the GWR fleece show.
My next racer was Ewe Try It Ebony, she's actually Bruiser mum. She to won for the Barnacre team. Third out was Mocha to Go, and boy did she go, we won this one with the biggest margin yet. So far three out of three, I was hoping for an all Barnacre final.

Mia (Me-a) Racer was out last sheep out, and she was leading until the last hurdle when she heard somebody rattle a crisp packet and stopped dead in her tracks as she thought she might be missing food which let the rest of the field through. Oh well I suppose it was only fair we gave someone else a chance.

The winners race for the Championship Cup was the grand finale and I'm pleased to say having given up one of the places to one of the other competitors (through gritted teeth mind, we'd earned it but thought we'd give the others another chance). So two in the final Mocha and Ebony and we came first and second!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not bad eh, I think I might have to take up sheep race training.
I can hear my bed calling now so I will share more with you tomorrow.
Just one final note, good luck for the Great North Run tomorrow Paul for me and all your paca friends. xx


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Well if Paul runs as quck as your flying sheep...he'll be doing ok..sounds like you had a great day....with all that excitement !!...Good Luck Paul....try to enjoy it...and I emergencies on the way..that require a very strange 'nurse' :0)......Jayne

Unknown said...

Whatever happened to racing greyhounds and ferrets in the North East!...You do realise that now they are famous you are never going to be able to take them to that nasty place that Paul visits now and again!!

janet said...

Well done all of ewe you did Barnacre proud.I bet some one still will have to visit that nasty place though even though he did well.

Rosemary said...

I really like the sheep racing - I am going to start training mine. How did you get yours to jump the poles and not just stop in front of them?
From Sam