Monday 6 September 2010

Fleece skirting

I have been busy skirting fleeces today. I did some at the weekend ready for the GWR fleece show which I'm waiting for the courier to collect so I thought I'd best carry on and get some ready to be sent off for processing.

I'm trying to find time to spin more myself this year, I'm not quite sure which night a week I'm not going to bed! When else I will fit it in I don't know; but I'm sure I'll manage it sometime.

I am planning on sending off those fleeces that I want to blend as the mill does a much better job of that than I can by hand, it is always a much more consistent colour. I'm about half way through, but the cria fleeces take ages as they are full of all sorts. I really don't know what more I can do to try and keep the youngsters clean other than wrap them in plastic bags!!

The wind is blowing an absolute gale at the minute, and has been all day. I'm hoping that it calmed down before the weekend as we are at a show with the knitwear and everything will blow away. We are also planning on camping on site!


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Camping on site !!!!!..hope the tent doesn't blow away....the babies are ..walking dirt magnets.....Jayne

Rosemary said...

Camping?! Very brave!

We have really got to get back to trying spinning but it is very hard to get coordinated. My cria fleece is still waiting for me to pluck up the courage to get it out the bags!
Hammering down with rain here at the moment!