Thursday 23 September 2010

A new coat

It started off nice and sunny this morning but the rain that was forecast soon arrived, thankfully after I'd got my washing dried.

I'd set myself the task of making Minimus a new coat today. Regular readers may recall he was my 4.04kg cria born two months ago, well he was just short of 14kg when I weighed him earlier in the week so I'm quite happy with his progress.

He was bursting out of his old coat so I needed to get the sewing machine out today. I like to make all my own cria coats, that way they are made to measure and I do enjoy being creative. So this evening Minimus is sporting a new blue number. I did intend to take a picture but the batteries in the camera needed charging!

It certainly feels like winter has arrived this evening, it is cold wet and was dark very early. Hopefully this winter will be kinder than the last one.

1 comment:

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Its nice to read...that Minimus has a new Blue coat !....for a boy, no gender complexes there.....its a horrendous night up here..I have battend down the hatches..and we are all tucked up in bed !!...I can hear the wind roaring !!...Oh !!....its a nasty old night up here !......Jayne