Tuesday 28 September 2010

Thanks mum

I nearly couldn't blog tonight, our computer had a major issue and we couldn't even turn the thing on. Thankfully Paul has worked his magic and here I am.

Mum has been a godsend today, we have vaccinated the whole herd, every single one of them. Mum was panicking a bit about some of the boys, until I pointed out that the boys were well behaved and it was the pregnant girls that she should be worried about.

I started off by weighing all the youngsters with the exception of Ochre, he was just too heavy for me. I managed everyone else though, even Lucia and Kazuo who are round the 35kg mark.

There were a few toe nails that needed trimming too, that wasn't a pleasant job as their feet were all rather muddy. It is amazing how much we have had to trim nails this year.

I managed to pop over to Carol's today to take some fleece for Dave to card and some yarn for Carol to knit with. Can you believe I came back with another five items she's knitting since last Friday! Mind you I booked in another stall today so probably a good job.

On that note I am going to return to my hat knitting.


Rosemary said...

5 items! What a knitter!
We have also had high speed toe nail growth this year.
Now got to get back to my gloves!!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Knitting is in the air !!...I can smell it !!...and winter is approaching fast not to mention..the C*******s word !!...and the next...show/stall....thank goodness for our parents..!!....Jayne

Denise said...

Aren't mums wonderful!!!!!