Sunday 5 September 2010

On the move

Another busy day, I'm not sure what on earth we found to do with ourselves before we got hooked on alpacas!

We had some spit offs to do this morning with a number of the girls. Katia (who we recently sold with Alice and their respective cria), was mated two weeks ago and she was not at all impressed to see Gianmarco's Masterpiece so that is good news for Lisa & Karl down at Willowbank in Leicestershire.

Gabby who hates doing spit offs was off across the other side of the field as soon as she saw the boys approaching. She then had a dilemma as her very independent 9 week old daughter Lady Godiva was hanging round wanting to see what was going on. Gabby was calling and calling but Godiva had that convenient loss of hearing that we all get now and again. Gabby eventually decided there was no alternative but to come over, not before she had puffed herself up to twice her normal size, tail up and ears back.

Unfortunately Ursula decided to sit again, so we have remated her. This will probably be her last chance for this year as we don't really want any late born cria, so fingers crossed third time lucky.

We have reunited the young girls back the main herd today, it is always interesting to see how the mums react with they see their daughters from previous years. Nefetiti was particularly interested in saying hello to her first daughter Sienna, the same couldn't be said for poor Palm-Olive who was getting spat at by her mum Molly.

We left the trailer open in the field for a little while whilst we moved food troughs and hurdles so that everyone could reaquaint themselves with the ramp.
I was expecting Ochre to be the first one in there, he's not usually shy, however it was Alice who went in first closely followed by Chiquita and Ursula both of whom where used to going in there to the shows as juniors.
As you can see Alice (her son Kazuo is behind her) decided to camp down, I'm not sure if she though she was off to her new home or she would guard the ramp!


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