Friday 10 September 2010

Ready for the off

It's just a short blog tonight as I've still got some labels to print, and a bag to pack and I've got to be up as some stupid time in the morning as we are off to the Berwick Slow Food Festival. Paul gets up just in time to get into the car so everything else is a pink job, i.e mine!

The car is almost packed, mum has finished the last pair of gloves and I've just put the last few phone charms together so fingers crossed we will have a good couple of days up there. We've never been before so it will be nice to go somewhere new with the Barnacre range.

I haven't told Hughie but we are leaving him at home this time and taking Loki, Sandstorm and Tenzing instead. The two younger boys need to get used to seeing strange people, with not going to the shows this year they've not been out much.

The three boys are spending the night at the side of the house to save trying to get hold of them in the dark in the morning. Some of the girls came flying over to see who was coming, Star and Sandtstorm were clearly pleased to see each other!

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Have a lovely weekend....and enjoy the camping !!....hope the weather..stays nice for you !...Jayne