Wednesday 1 September 2010

Yippee, hay at last

It has been another lovely day today, in fact it has been nicer today that it was for most of August. I also heard on the radio that September is supposed to be going to be a good one - not that you can really ever trust the weathermen!

I got the nod from Alan this afternoon, his hay has been baled so I could go and get some supplies. Unfortunately he doesn't have his usual stocks so we were restricted on small bales this year. Hopefully he will be able to top us up over winter with large bales.

The youngsters were getting rather excited as they watched us filling up one of the shelters with hay and the trailer is full of it too. It got too dark to start rearranging the garage so it all fits in tonight so that is tomorrows job.

Today is Kealani's 1st birthday. She was our first baby from one of our own babies and is just like her mum Oonagh in every way, very friendly and doesn't like to eat from the troughs.

My mum has been feeding the local wildlife today - Midge's, she is covered in bites from head to toe. On the plus side at least they have left me alone!!!!


Rosemary said...

Glad you have got your hay.
Just as Sam goes back to school - the weather improves, typical!

Unknown said...

Phew...glad you got some hat are certainly down this year!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

The midges...are nasty !! Im still waiting.....for the you know what !!....Jayne