Sunday 26 September 2010

Legend has a date

We have had a lovely trip out today, Legend had an appointment with a lovely girl Milly who we sold last year to Lavender Bee Alpacas, so it was off to the Borders.

I had a few spit offs to do before we went, Katia and Alice who are heading off to their new home shortly are both spitting off as is Oonagh who was our last girl of the year to birth. Unfortunately however Ursula sat again, so she obviously didn't take on her last mating.

As I have mentioned in the past we set ourselves a birthing deadline and Ursula has now pasted this so sadly she will stay empty over winter and be mated in the spring.

Juliet from Lavender Bee had kindly invited us for lunch with them and their children before Legend's date which was jolly nice. Thank you it was lovely, and you must be very proud of your children they are a credit to you.

We then headed off to the girls, it was the first time we'd seen the cria from their girls, a Golden Guinea daughter and a Gianmarco's Masterpiece daughter both are fantastic. Tatiana, the Guinea daughter is the spitting image of Meketaten, one of our Guinea girls.

Whilst we were there we helped out with a quick pedicure. Long standing readers may recall Geena's 2008 cria Gaussian who had had immense trouble to feed seems to dislike toe nail trimming as much as he did his bottle! Although saying that he was too badly behaved really.

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