Thursday 9 September 2010

Happy Birthday Gianmarco's Masterpiece

Today is Gianmarco's Masterpiece's fourth birthday, he is one fabulous boy on all fronts, Marky's pedigree, personality and his fleece are simply superb.

At the risk of sounding 'nerdy', we are awaiting his fourth fleece stats back form the lab at the minute but his third fleece stats speak for themselves. With a micron count of 17.9, SD of 3.7, CV 20.4 and only 0.5% over 30. Just as a matter of interest I just typed into Alpaca seller search a stud with a micron of less than 18, SD of less than 4 and less than 1% over 30 and there were only 6, two of the results related to boys 15 months or younger, and one one of the results was a fleece result from 6 years ago. So there were three then, not bad eh!

This year has seen the first drop of Marky cria, he has produced us and clients some lovely cria who already have extremely impressive fleeces. We are really looking forward to watching them develop & grow.

I menetioned the other night about how the young girls had been reunited with their mums, and how Kealani in particular was desperate to be allowed near her mum Oonagh ("U-na") who was treated exactly the same by her mum, Blossom.

Kealani has been sitting with Oonagh's current cria Freyja in the hope that this might mean she can get closer to mum, but it's not working.....
She keeps on trying though..........

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Ah..bless her...for trying to get up her mummy !!..excellent fleece stats Happy B'day Gianmarco !!....Jayne