Friday 3 September 2010

The naughty nurse

If you read yesterday blog I'm sure you are desperate to see what Paul was up to but scared at the same time - wise move; it was very scary!

As I've mentioned before, he is running the Great North Run in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. Paul has agreed to run the half marathon in fancy dress if he raised enough money. Well today he went to work as the naughty nurse.

I am slightly concerned that he felt far too comfortable leaving the house in a dress this morning!! He has raised lots more money though, so I will let him off on this occasion.

Back to things slightly more sane, Little Miss Irraquoy is 4 today. She is a top class girl with NWA Ltd Ruffo in her pedigree.
Last year we got a cracking fawn boy from her sired by Cambridge Buckingham, we have high hopes for Sandstorm. Having only attended the one show this year, this has been Sandstorms only outing and he was placed 1st Junior Fawn Male.
This summer Irraquoy has had a very impressive white boy sired by Legend of Spartacus, we are so pleased with him we have remated her to Legend in the hope of a little girl of equal quality next year.


Anonymous said...

Well that photo was worth waiting for......doesn't he suit that colour? Sure he made lots for charity though.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

;-0)....My....word !.....!!! Looks very fetching...I do like the the knee....saucy stockings....don't chip that nail varnish.....Good luck for the Great North Run...Paul.....remember the chaffing !! Birthday....LMI ! ...Jayne

janet said...

like the photo, you look very nice in green. Really pleased you made some money and hope you make a lot more for your charity when you do the Great North Run. Will look for you on the t.v Happy birthday LMI.

Patou Alpacas said...

That photo really is quite disturbing. I'm not sure if I will sleep tonight.

Rosemary said...

Not a bad pair of legs! . . and a very shapely top half!
Somewhat disturbing!

Rob @ Wellground said...

No, that's not disturbing, it's terrifying!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear! I'd be worried Debbie...VERY worried ;-)

Unknown said...

Yes...what is there to add...looking far too comfortable in the gear I feel!